Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weighty Topic

Well, here it is.  Just to lay it all out on the table. I've gained weight.  And not just a little.  Enough that my pants hurt and don't fit.  And, no I'm not joking. I suspect a couple of reasons, not to really share here, but the fact still remains. 

It is hard to see all the fabulous thin people with their size two bums and not thing poorly of myself.  To run out of clothes that fit is hard.  Then I tell myself, you are so unattractive, how could anyone love you?  Why don't you just stop eating? Why don't you just get your bum of the sofa and workout?  Why don't you have any discipline?  Why can't you do your goals?  Why do you stink so bad at this?  You belly has rolls and rolls...don't lay like that.  Suck it in.  No one can love you at that size.  Guess what?  All that crap is not from God.   And another thing is, you don't know what all their problems are.  Yes, they might be thin, but they might have sick babies, an absent husband, be in debt, or be living in pain.  You never know the circumstances, so be thankful for God's blessings instead.  It's so much easier. 

What I'm learning is that, who I am, Annie....really doesn't matter what I weigh.  Yes, it would be lovely to be able to wear a bikini and rock it....but that just ain't happen right now.  Do I want to work for it.  Yes, well kind of. Just joking, yes, I'm going to have to work for it at this stage. 

God made his point clear to me.  I am not what I weigh.  He doesn't care, the world does.  My hubs and family and true friends don't care what I weigh.  One precious friend told me, if my pants hurt, buy new ones.  She insists that I look great the way I am. I appreciate and love her for this...even if she's a size 2, because I know that the size doesn't truly matter.

God gave me this last night, instead of being all depressed and caught up in my weight, I realized that I can be instead grateful and thankful for what it CAN do.  Yes, I live pretty much pain free. Yes, I'm healthy!   Yes, my body made and sustained two lovely human beings.  Yes, I can live an active life!  Hip, hip hooray.  So for today, I'm trying to eat cleaner, move more, and drink more water.  Each day is a new day to make better decisions.   

God is pruning me to produce better fruit.  His promise is that he adores me as I am.  He wants my heart. Nothing else matters my lovelies.  Not your pant size or bank account.  Hopefully, this old girl will produce some mighty fine fruit.  A


  1. Girl, you always look fabulous to me! I wish I had style like you do! Weight is just a number and you are so much more than that! You have the biggest heart and you are such a passionate woman of God. Your smile can brighten anyones day. You are a wonderful and fun mom! These are the things I think of when I think of you!

  2. Annie, I am right there with you...been struggling a lot with this for a while. I agree with everything you wrote but I also know its hard on a daily basis to continue believing it and to maintain the fight to honor the Lord with our bodies. I feel like its something God has allowed in my life to force me to rely on him...which I fail at all the time. But I'll keep fighting and I agree that I have a lot to be thankful health and my family and friends....the list goes on. I'll be praying for you and I appreciate your encouraging words and your reminder for me. Love you and know that I think you are beautiful. Go get your new pants. M


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