Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boiling Point

Do you ever reach your limit with your kids?  Like you can feel your "patience" tank just deplete and go right on into empty?  I was there.  Yesterday Sam decided to fuss and cry and just generally be a pain for two SOLID friggin hours.  I was fine at first....but then I just hit the wall.  I could feel my frustration crawl up out of me like nasty, very ugly evil thing ready to attack.

Sam was just not having it. Nothing was making him happy.  John tried to help, but nothing worked.  Finally, o-so finally John just told me to go away.  I loved and hated it at the same time.  I loved that my hubs can handle the boys, handle me, and be more stubborn than them.  He doesn't give in.  He stands his ground.  I needed that.  Stick a fork in me, I was done.  But I hated it, because it makes me feel like I can't handle my own kids....why couldn't I just get Sam out of his funk?  Could I have done more?

The good news was, that John did it.  It worked.  I got to push reset and come back in and all was right with the world again.  What all this made me realize, is that even though I adore and love my children unconditionally, I am by no means perfect.  It made me actually appreciate God's love for me even more....he never looses His patience with me.  What what!!  That's amazing.  I would lose my patience with me. 

This morning I pulled up a bunch of our pictures because I'm working on our yearly Shutterfly book.  I was reminded of his sweetness.  Can you see the crusty nose, left over milk, and uneven bangs?  Yeppers, that's all him.  Thank goodness for sleep and refreshing of patience.  I'm refilled and ready for the day!  Hugs, a

{PS: if any of my sweet readers have grand advice for me...I'm all ears!}

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  1. Oh sister, my patience tank, has been running out quite frequently lately! Thanks for the encouragement and reminder! Love you!


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