Monday, March 18, 2013

Creativity: Part 1

Well, hello there!  I've been on Spring Break enjoying friends, family, and the sweet sunshine all over the state of Texas.  And I'm back!  It has come to my attention through a couple of friends, that some of you sweet cats aren't creative.  That it isn't a natural thing for you.  That being creative is actually a little scary and outside your comfort zone.  Well....I will try to help you out, and I'm by no means an expert (my mom is though).  I peruse pinterest, young house love, houzz,  and many, many other blogs for ideas.  So please know, that lots of things are not my idea, I just know how to execute them. 

Thus, without further adieu, we are going to start a process sharing some of my not-so-secret tricks.  I will take pics of bunches of my projects to share, blogs I read, etc, etc.  Let me preface this by saying again, I am not an expert.  I am cheap.  I'm a working mom with not a lot of free I need quick projects.  I don't sew.  I do however spray paint.

1. Go to Pinterest.  Look all around at various images you like.  Home, projects, clothing, art, and so on.  Just pin away.  Put house things together on a board, your clothes on a different board, etc. 
2. I would love for you to do this for a few days.  Don't think too much about the pinning.  If you like it, pin in. Then, after a few days or weeks, we can start to see you patern of style.  I will share mine with you next time.  Like your mom says, go do your homework! 

Feel free to follow my on Pinterest or Houzz.  Happy Monday, A

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