Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creativity: Part 3

Have you been doing your homework?  Did you find lots of images you just loooove?  Well, yeah you!  If not, get busy sucka.

I love what Shelley (from Part Dos) put in her blog about starting with just one space.  Not a room, or home, just one little-ole-space.  That doesn't seem so daunting!  Later, when you get that one spot done, you can branch out from there to start the process of creating the home/room/area that you always dreamed of!  Even when it's the way you want it, if you are anything like me (just ask Mr. N), it's always a work in progress.  Something you picked, might not be working in that space....but might be great in your foyer.  Work in progress people.  Change it if you don't like it.

Pick a space you want to start with, be it your entry, a little corner, a book shelf, whatever.  My mom taught me years ago, clear it ALL off.  Make it naked.  Wipe it all down, do a little cleaning.  Okay, let's get to work. 

What purpose do you want that space to have?  Look at all your inspiration pages.  What is consistent in them?  What do they all seem to have in common?  What is the major thread that connects them?  Do they all have white walls with pops of color?  Are the traditional?  Are they all shabby chic?  Let me give you an example.

These were all pictures on my Pinterest board "Home Sweet Home".  I didn't go out looking for them.  After pinning loads I realized that I really like white with pop of colors.  Always.  I love it when "like" things are together on shelves and the books are combined by color.  It's the OCD in me.  I adore plants, books, and nature items as decoration.  But, this is the has to be functional too. 

What do you like?  What makes you happy?  What makes you feel relaxed?  Does your home reflect this? 

Once your space is all cleaned off and ready to decorate, study your images.  How did they create that look?  Do you have similar things in your home?  Maybe in another room?  Go get them!  Slowly start putting it all together.  If you get stuck, take a break and come back to it.  You will make a MASS MESS in the process.  No joke.  Just be creative.  Create the life you want for yourself!  Stay tuned....hugs, a

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