Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Front

Why Hello!  Welcome!  Come on In!  I'm so happy to see you!  Come hug me!!

My front door, thank to my sweet mum making me a lovely wreath. 

Do you like the laundry on the floor in the background?  Yeah!

This is our front entry. It's not grand....but it works for us grandly.  There is a space for little peoples shoes, dog goodies, party things, and outdoor things (such as bug spray, gloves, lint roller, antibacterial, etc).  It corals all the morning crappola like lunch boxes, keys, glasses.  I try to clear it off daily so that it doesn't get too cluttery. Each basket it labeled with a free printable and laminated (perk of being a teacher). 

The lamp is from Home Goods ($39), tray from Target ($12), the have mercy print was found on "Uncovet" for super cheap and I framed it at Michael's.  I will change art out, like I change undies, so I like free to inexpensive art.  The plant and pot are from Ikea, and the small vase is from a vintage store with flowers from my bro's wedding.  I don't remember where I got the rectangular baskets, but the cool one in the middle is from Colorado. 

This is actually behind our door.  It's pretty obvious, but this where all coats, bags, etc go.  It makes me happy.  The art is from etsy that says "Small homes grow tight families" (Kate got it first and I copied her)  I acquired this piece for free in a friends garage....score!  The cute green knob is from Anthro, and the pots are actually cups from Starbucks with little plants in them.  I obviously like plants.  The piece did have a mirror, but I liked it like this better.

As I said before, I am by NO MEANS an expert.  My home is pretty small, and I have live with all boys.  Thus, everything is super functional, inexpensive for in case it breaks and kid friendly.  In addition, I keep everything pretty simple, so it's easier for me to pick it all up at the end of the day.  Having a small house makes you want to just have less.  Less clutter, less mess, just less.

I don't really like the wall color, I would love to eventually paint our "main" rooms a soft grey or white instead of this weird creamy color.  It's not my fave. 

Where do you keep all these things?  Do you like that space?  Is it serving you well?  Does it make you happy when you see it?  Just food for thought.  Have a fabulous day my lovelies. 

(PS: I tool all pics with my iPad, so they aren't the best quality....but way easier for me)

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  1. So great! The Have Mercy poster is so cool!!! I loves!!! And....can you just turn my house into all the new cute patterns and colors of your blog background? Gotta go....I'm busy looking at a house magazine that has NOTES for me!!!


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