Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finding Joy

Do you get overwhelmed?  I sure as heck do.  I feel like when I peruse facebook or pinterest, or other blogs, I can't help but think, how do they do all of that?  How does it look so pretty?  How do they travel to cool places?  How can they afford that?  How can they fill in the blank

Then I get fearful over this world.  How to protect my babies but prepare them for this world?  It's just all so very OVERWHELMING.  Why do I get lonely, mad, frustrated....when I know in my heart of hearts how truly blessed I am.  My cup is spilling over with blessings.

I came across a woman yesterday who poured her heart out to me, a complete stranger for close to an hour.  She had grown children and was turning to me for answers.  I was awe-struck.  She didn't know me from Eve.  It showed me, that we are all learning and leaning on each other. 

Instead of me trying to reinvent the wheel, today I wanted to share a very sweet blog with you, that will leave you feeling more full than drained.  Rachael makes you feel like you are okay just the way you are...with your crazy hair, dishes in the sink, etc.  I love that, and pray that I encourage my sweet readers as well.  She makes me realize that I'm not at all alone in all these weird, mixed up, completely awesome feelings of motherhood.  When they say it's the hardest job on earth, whoever they are, weren't lying. 

 Check out her link below and drink her in.  Rachael's writing is amazing and will make your heart shine.  Happy days my lovelies, I will try to enjoy ever single moment, good or bad.  Hugs, a

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Wish List

What is it about spring time that always makes me want to revamp everything?  My wardrobe, my home, my hair, the list goes on. 

Thus, without further adieu, let the eye candy party pursue.

Love, love, love Sienna and her friggin amazing hair.  Middle part, color, length, layers...all of it.

This T-Shirt Rocks My Socks.  Love how she styled it!
From Here
Yet another t-shirt to style away with.
From Here

From Here
Love this bathroom.  I might finally paint the boys bathroom.  That is one tiny happy room.
From Here
A Hammock!  My last one had a fight with termites.  I look forward to purchasing another one to hopefully take weekend naps on or have chats with little men on.  It's hard to decide between the colorful ones or the classic white ones.  Decisions, decisions.

Hello Sweet Lover....I love these Birks and have worn out a pair.  These are "liquid gold"  which are not made anymore.  But I'm on the quest to find them!
Hip, hip, hooray for spring time!  I want to landscape our yard, but our dirt is HORRIBLE.  And in our back yard, we will need to have access to plumbing.  Thus, I think this might be an option.  Or I could beg and plea with Mr. N to get a tiller.  One can hope right?

Happy day to you my lovelies.  Hugs, a

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hardest Job in the World

I usually don't like confrontation.  Did you know this?  I'm not afraid of it though, I just don't seek it.  I'm learning to fight the fight though.  Especially for my family and the kingdom.

Today, I had a loooooong converstation with one of my student's guardians.  This adult had reached her limit.  She had hit the wall.   It was an exhausting conversation.  She is about to have a break down and kick out this young student.  She doesn't seem to love her unconditionally. 

I was reminded that parents don't have all the answers.  I don't have all the answers for my own children. 

I never will.

Ben got so upset this morning over how he put things in his tote bag for school.  I started to get impatient.  Seriously, I will be late for work!  Move it!  That doesn't matter!

God whispered to me, but it does matter.  It mattered to him.  I took a deep breath.  We talked about it.  I explained that I like things a certain way too, but there is a right way to handle those times.  There should be no screaming and crying (hopefully from me or him).  As a parent, it's hard to slow down sometimes.  Being an engaged, loving,  parent is exhausting. 

The other thing is this, how do we prepare our babies for the hurts of this world?  How do we explain the bombing yesterday?  Ben wants to know.  He also asked me last week what "bad guys" do with the children they steal?  How on earth did this even cross his little sweet brain??  How do you answer this? 

How do I protect his heart but prepare him for this world?  I beg of you to tell me! 
This is what I do know... I truly love my children unconditionally.  I'm thankful that my parents and husband taught and show me that kind of love as well.   I will fight for their hearts. I will fight for the Kingdom of God.  I'm thankful that God has my back.  They are on Team Annie. 

Go Team Annie. We are ready for a rumble. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beautiful Mess Tips

Beautiful Mess Website
After posting my little gallery post, I wandered over the "Beautiful Mess" and they did a whole post on it as well!  Check out her tips too! 


Good Morning my lovlies!  I pray your weekend was the most relaxing, chill few days.  I painted a few pots and did have that cocktail.  We had t-ball, magic shows, birthday parites, church, gro shopping, etc.  It is that time of year, when I start to get hot and go everywhere with damp, wavy hair.  This morning, I felt like I hit the jackpot of time.  It was like this special pocket of extra time in my morning routine, why didn't I do this earlier?  The downside, is that I never feel like I'm polished when I go with damp hair.  It's totally worth it.

For a little Monday morning inpirations, I pulled some pictures from around the web for your viewing of various wall galleries.  Feel free to puruse through my pinterest "Home Sweet Home" board to see all the original links (pardon my laziness for not linking them up here.)  I like to really study each and see how they got the look.  Did they make it cohesive with the frames?  Or the color of prints?  Or the 3-D art?  What is it that you like about each one or more importantly, don't like?

From Young House Love....a HUGE inspiration to me daily

I like that this is art, it's unexpected, original and 3 dimensional, but doesn't seem sentimental (which is important to me)

I like that this one is not so traditional, it's off kilter, but soft and interesting. 

I like that this one continued the gallery on the next wall, it's very eclectic

Love the corner piece, the proped up pieces, the mix of it all.

Not always art, Mr. N always questions decorating with plates.  I say YES!

I really like this one and the next pic as well.  This is more my style.  Sentimental with a general theme,
very neat and tidy.

I adore this one.  It is my favorite.  The wallpaper, rounding the corner, the mix of frames,
art, 3-diminsional items, it just works to me.
Have a great Monday my lovelies.  I pray it is grand.  Hugs, a

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Five

1. This picture struck me this morning.  I completely identify with the young blonde girl on the ground.  What do you think she was doing to get his attention?  Talking?  Fidgeting around? Just sitting? What wisdom poured out of him?  What perfect and lovely thought?  I love how marvelous and gentle he looks to be taking her chin and commanding her attention.  I think God this is how God gets my attention, gently but firmly. 

He says to me.....Little girl.  Look to me.  Stop what you are doing.  Be still and quiet.  Just be with Me.
{A monk gets a girl's attention during a public meeting of Dalai Lama, who was awarded the Award of Minorities by the Italian province of Bolzano, in Trento.}

2.  Beverage to try this beautiful, delightful weekend!  It's Frrriiiiday.  Aka...lazy Annie

Southside Fizz

3. Mama got some new, sassy pants.  Check it or wreck it.  The are from JCPenny's for $29.  They are awesome, comfy, and go with half my wardrobe.  The only drawback is people will definetly know if you where them more than once a week.  Bummer

4. Someone in Ben's sweet life called him something ugly yesterday.  I was shocked at how freaking angry I was imemdiately.  All I could think was , "You mess with my kids, my dog, or my hubs, you are playing with fire!"  You better watch out.  I'm coming for you.  I will get all spider monkey on you.

5.Finally, my craft for the weekend!  I think I'm going to polka-dot a few pots for fun this weekend.  Wish me luck! 

Do you like how massively random all this is? I sure hope so, because it's all the absolute truth.  No pretentions here.  Have a blissful weekend my lovelies.  Hugs, a

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dino terrarium

From Here
This weekend, I was Pinterest inspired (see above), and we made a terrarium.  Sam went around Home Depot and declared, "This plant makes me HAPPY!"  Thus, we snatched that bad-boy right on up.  Then both boys proceeded to pick out the "right" animals for our space.  Big-daddy T Rex got a pretty coat of gold spray paint.  He looks super rad to me.  Gold spray paint is the stinking best.  I looked around and wondered what else I could use it on!
I couldn't find white gravel rocks at Michael's or Home depot, and I like the look of the one above much better, but hey, the boys love it, and that's all that matters.   Happy day my lovies.

Kid artwork

Are you drowning in paperwork, kid's art, and random papers that you have no idea what to do with?  I totally have been.  It seems that, like laundry, with each child the amount increases exponentially. And not just a little. I have been caught, more than once, throwing something away that I am not supposed to be.  I just don't know where to put it in our little bitty home. 

Ben has walked up to me, with those huge blue eyes saying, "Mom, I made this for you.  Do you not like it?  Why was it in the trash?"  Mom-of-the year material over here.  Thus, here are my new rules for throwing stuff away.  Wait 72 hours at least to let him forget or remember.  Then, you make a decision what to do with it. 
Below...with the clip boards is kind of the spot where stuff goes in our home that is either in limbo or only short term.  For example, invitations, school paperwork you need to fill out, bills, those type of items.

Once, it makes the cut that it is important, I found this sweet system on another blog, so I can't take credit for it.  (I think it was the tinytwig, but I can't remember.  Sorry.)  Excuse the not-so-great pictures and my random foot and non-manicured hands.  There is a box for both boys, I purchased them at Target.  The lid opens, which I like to shove stuff in when I don't want to actually file it and I'm being lazy.  Each file is broken down in years and I attached the label with washi tape. 

Finally, when there is art that the boys are particularly proud of or seasonal, it goes in their playroom.  Actually, all the art in their playroom is theirs.  They love seeing it all.  The fruit loop necklace below had to be moved because Sam kept walking by eating it!   (These little displays came from IKEA for super cheap.)

This is the other wall in their playroom.  The frames have been accumulated over the years, some even from "swap" parties.  The art is usually the clay items, 3D items, and the beautiful things that we both love.  I change it out about every year or so. 
What do you do with all the papers/art?  Just curious.  I know it might seem odd that I gave this that much thought, but when your home is small, you have to be more intentional about the de-clutter process. 

I pray your day is lovely.  It's Monday.  Boo. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little Boy Room

In efforts to share projects, but keep my family safe from not-nice-people on the internet, I'm not showing the whole space.  I know that you understand!  All of these spaces are obviously a work in progress.  So without further adieu, some DIY projects. 
The trim still needs to be painted.  It's been like that for a year and a half.  Yep.  That's right.

This was awhile ago, I've actually changed it a bit since this picture.  White frames are from IKEA, the art is either invitations, cards, free printables, or pretty papers I like.  I don't usually like to pay for art unless I'm just mad crazy about it! The big "S" is from Home Goods, and I painted it a color to go with our fancy-shmancy decor.  The little birds were ornaments from Target made out of yarn that just make me happy.  Minnie ate one recently, that doesn't make me happy though. 
I eventually want fun knobs for the dresser. 

We had this little table outside, I have no idea where it's from.  I spray painted it, and Sammy loves it!

I've shared this before, it's just a funky mobile that moves with the fan.  I took a wooden embroidery hoop and added wired butterflies my mom gave me.  It's nothing super special, but he loves it.

Minnie says, "Hey!  Come on In!"

Spice rack/shelves are from ikea that I painted white to match the room. This little nook has books and Mr. N and I's little childhood items.

This is it now, I framed out Ben's little shoes and two ties I had for the boys.  I moved the funky clock over to the art wall because it makes me happy.  I kept looking at the space thinking that something needed to happen on the other wall, but I didn't want to overwhelm it.  So I just moved things I already had around.   I like it all so much more!  No money was spent!  What what!  I added little pom-pom trim to the lamp as well.

Mr. N's childhood chair

As I said, it's nothing mad awesome, but we love it.  It is sweet and happy and inexpensive.  I hope this give you a little motivation to change something you don't like.  Go to Wal-Mart and get some spray paint!  If you like the shape of something, but not the color, that's easy peasy!  Oh, and don't buy the cheap spray paint.   Just an fyi.  Tight hugs, a
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