Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Five

1. This picture struck me this morning.  I completely identify with the young blonde girl on the ground.  What do you think she was doing to get his attention?  Talking?  Fidgeting around? Just sitting? What wisdom poured out of him?  What perfect and lovely thought?  I love how marvelous and gentle he looks to be taking her chin and commanding her attention.  I think God this is how God gets my attention, gently but firmly. 

He says to me.....Little girl.  Look to me.  Stop what you are doing.  Be still and quiet.  Just be with Me.
{A monk gets a girl's attention during a public meeting of Dalai Lama, who was awarded the Award of Minorities by the Italian province of Bolzano, in Trento.}

2.  Beverage to try this beautiful, delightful weekend!  It's Frrriiiiday.  Aka...lazy Annie

Southside Fizz

3. Mama got some new, sassy pants.  Check it or wreck it.  The are from JCPenny's for $29.  They are awesome, comfy, and go with half my wardrobe.  The only drawback is people will definetly know if you where them more than once a week.  Bummer

4. Someone in Ben's sweet life called him something ugly yesterday.  I was shocked at how freaking angry I was imemdiately.  All I could think was , "You mess with my kids, my dog, or my hubs, you are playing with fire!"  You better watch out.  I'm coming for you.  I will get all spider monkey on you.

5.Finally, my craft for the weekend!  I think I'm going to polka-dot a few pots for fun this weekend.  Wish me luck! 

Do you like how massively random all this is? I sure hope so, because it's all the absolute truth.  No pretentions here.  Have a blissful weekend my lovelies.  Hugs, a

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  1. I LOVE your conglomeration of pictures and ideas and words. They are such a perfect description of you!


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