Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Funky Monkey

Do you ever just feel off?  Like you just can't put your finger on it?  You are in a funk.  I try to hide it.  But, all the while I know it's there....right under the surface.  That's where I've been hanging out. 

I can feel the anger/frustration/unhappiness right there, under my skin, just waiting to pounce upon the first victim to test me. Like a wild animal, onto whomever is the first to peel that layer back.  It's exhausting trying to be happy when you don't feel it in your heart.  Well, I'm pooped.  I'm downright exhausted to the bone.

For today, and hopefully today only, because I'm ready for it to pass... I will be in this odd, uncomfortable place and let God chip away at parts of my heart, so that more light will be available.  I will try to take care of myself, so that whatever is working deep in my heart, can come to light and I can deal with it.  I will plunge into the word, so that I can hear His voice instead of my nagging, ungrateful, unloving mind.

I pray that He makes Beautiful things out of the dust that once was me. 

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