Monday, April 15, 2013


Good Morning my lovlies!  I pray your weekend was the most relaxing, chill few days.  I painted a few pots and did have that cocktail.  We had t-ball, magic shows, birthday parites, church, gro shopping, etc.  It is that time of year, when I start to get hot and go everywhere with damp, wavy hair.  This morning, I felt like I hit the jackpot of time.  It was like this special pocket of extra time in my morning routine, why didn't I do this earlier?  The downside, is that I never feel like I'm polished when I go with damp hair.  It's totally worth it.

For a little Monday morning inpirations, I pulled some pictures from around the web for your viewing of various wall galleries.  Feel free to puruse through my pinterest "Home Sweet Home" board to see all the original links (pardon my laziness for not linking them up here.)  I like to really study each and see how they got the look.  Did they make it cohesive with the frames?  Or the color of prints?  Or the 3-D art?  What is it that you like about each one or more importantly, don't like?

From Young House Love....a HUGE inspiration to me daily

I like that this is art, it's unexpected, original and 3 dimensional, but doesn't seem sentimental (which is important to me)

I like that this one is not so traditional, it's off kilter, but soft and interesting. 

I like that this one continued the gallery on the next wall, it's very eclectic

Love the corner piece, the proped up pieces, the mix of it all.

Not always art, Mr. N always questions decorating with plates.  I say YES!

I really like this one and the next pic as well.  This is more my style.  Sentimental with a general theme,
very neat and tidy.

I adore this one.  It is my favorite.  The wallpaper, rounding the corner, the mix of frames,
art, 3-diminsional items, it just works to me.
Have a great Monday my lovelies.  I pray it is grand.  Hugs, a

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