Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hardest Job in the World

I usually don't like confrontation.  Did you know this?  I'm not afraid of it though, I just don't seek it.  I'm learning to fight the fight though.  Especially for my family and the kingdom.

Today, I had a loooooong converstation with one of my student's guardians.  This adult had reached her limit.  She had hit the wall.   It was an exhausting conversation.  She is about to have a break down and kick out this young student.  She doesn't seem to love her unconditionally. 

I was reminded that parents don't have all the answers.  I don't have all the answers for my own children. 

I never will.

Ben got so upset this morning over how he put things in his tote bag for school.  I started to get impatient.  Seriously, I will be late for work!  Move it!  That doesn't matter!

God whispered to me, but it does matter.  It mattered to him.  I took a deep breath.  We talked about it.  I explained that I like things a certain way too, but there is a right way to handle those times.  There should be no screaming and crying (hopefully from me or him).  As a parent, it's hard to slow down sometimes.  Being an engaged, loving,  parent is exhausting. 

The other thing is this, how do we prepare our babies for the hurts of this world?  How do we explain the bombing yesterday?  Ben wants to know.  He also asked me last week what "bad guys" do with the children they steal?  How on earth did this even cross his little sweet brain??  How do you answer this? 

How do I protect his heart but prepare him for this world?  I beg of you to tell me! 
This is what I do know... I truly love my children unconditionally.  I'm thankful that my parents and husband taught and show me that kind of love as well.   I will fight for their hearts. I will fight for the Kingdom of God.  I'm thankful that God has my back.  They are on Team Annie. 

Go Team Annie. We are ready for a rumble. 

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