Monday, April 8, 2013

Kid artwork

Are you drowning in paperwork, kid's art, and random papers that you have no idea what to do with?  I totally have been.  It seems that, like laundry, with each child the amount increases exponentially. And not just a little. I have been caught, more than once, throwing something away that I am not supposed to be.  I just don't know where to put it in our little bitty home. 

Ben has walked up to me, with those huge blue eyes saying, "Mom, I made this for you.  Do you not like it?  Why was it in the trash?"  Mom-of-the year material over here.  Thus, here are my new rules for throwing stuff away.  Wait 72 hours at least to let him forget or remember.  Then, you make a decision what to do with it. 
Below...with the clip boards is kind of the spot where stuff goes in our home that is either in limbo or only short term.  For example, invitations, school paperwork you need to fill out, bills, those type of items.

Once, it makes the cut that it is important, I found this sweet system on another blog, so I can't take credit for it.  (I think it was the tinytwig, but I can't remember.  Sorry.)  Excuse the not-so-great pictures and my random foot and non-manicured hands.  There is a box for both boys, I purchased them at Target.  The lid opens, which I like to shove stuff in when I don't want to actually file it and I'm being lazy.  Each file is broken down in years and I attached the label with washi tape. 

Finally, when there is art that the boys are particularly proud of or seasonal, it goes in their playroom.  Actually, all the art in their playroom is theirs.  They love seeing it all.  The fruit loop necklace below had to be moved because Sam kept walking by eating it!   (These little displays came from IKEA for super cheap.)

This is the other wall in their playroom.  The frames have been accumulated over the years, some even from "swap" parties.  The art is usually the clay items, 3D items, and the beautiful things that we both love.  I change it out about every year or so. 
What do you do with all the papers/art?  Just curious.  I know it might seem odd that I gave this that much thought, but when your home is small, you have to be more intentional about the de-clutter process. 

I pray your day is lovely.  It's Monday.  Boo. 

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