Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We've been building various cities and boats out of legos.  Have you ever stepped on a lego? 
 It makes me cuss like no tomorrow.

We've enjoyed brother time. Sam is cutting upper molars, and is a BEAST.  He is either super silly or really unhappy.  There is no middle ground.  Ben has tried everything to make Sam happy.  It makes my heart swell with joy.  I've even had to ask Benno to pray for my patience with Sammy. 
It's just exhausting....stinking molars.
She needs her beauty sleep...this girl can nap.

Minnie Pearl has officially won my whole heart.  She's loud and in your face with love.  I adore her.  She snores, likes to be wherever me or the boys are, and we like to play dress up with her.  Yes, that's a monkey riding her back.  Don't judge.
Sam LOVEs spicy hummus and veggie chips.  Here is drinking a green flax smoothie with it.  I just had to take a picture to prove it.  I can't believe I have a child that will eat cool stuff. 
Ben will just say, "No thank you."

Ben lost his first tooth.  It totally freaked me out!  He reached into his mouth after bath, all dramatic like, and pulled it out.  I made a little scream.  Ha!  It didn't bleed and the other tooth is half way in.  Nuts! 
It was ready to come out.
I've had this tooth fairy pillow for ages....just waiting for the time!

I had to take this.  I even turned on the light in his room.  Stuffed Maddy girl is all tucked in tight and the pillow is ready for the tooth fairy.  Ben looked at me, with those huge blue sweet eyes, and asked me, "Mom are you the tooth fairy?"  I just responded by saying, "Ben, do you think I have magic?"  He said yes, and I told him, that's your answer my love.

Easter Sunday.  My babes are outside with no pants on, playing spy.  I didn't take any cute, dressed up church pics of course.  Just the ones of the moment. 

Minnie Pearl got her first care package!  A pink polka dot bikini from her sweet Gigi!  Thank you!
She's ready for her close up!

We love to wrestle, have love-fests and dance parties.  Happy Tuesday my lovies!  Hugs, a

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