Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little Boy Room

In efforts to share projects, but keep my family safe from not-nice-people on the internet, I'm not showing the whole space.  I know that you understand!  All of these spaces are obviously a work in progress.  So without further adieu, some DIY projects. 
The trim still needs to be painted.  It's been like that for a year and a half.  Yep.  That's right.

This was awhile ago, I've actually changed it a bit since this picture.  White frames are from IKEA, the art is either invitations, cards, free printables, or pretty papers I like.  I don't usually like to pay for art unless I'm just mad crazy about it! The big "S" is from Home Goods, and I painted it a color to go with our fancy-shmancy decor.  The little birds were ornaments from Target made out of yarn that just make me happy.  Minnie ate one recently, that doesn't make me happy though. 
I eventually want fun knobs for the dresser. 

We had this little table outside, I have no idea where it's from.  I spray painted it, and Sammy loves it!

I've shared this before, it's just a funky mobile that moves with the fan.  I took a wooden embroidery hoop and added wired butterflies my mom gave me.  It's nothing super special, but he loves it.

Minnie says, "Hey!  Come on In!"

Spice rack/shelves are from ikea that I painted white to match the room. This little nook has books and Mr. N and I's little childhood items.

This is it now, I framed out Ben's little shoes and two ties I had for the boys.  I moved the funky clock over to the art wall because it makes me happy.  I kept looking at the space thinking that something needed to happen on the other wall, but I didn't want to overwhelm it.  So I just moved things I already had around.   I like it all so much more!  No money was spent!  What what!  I added little pom-pom trim to the lamp as well.

Mr. N's childhood chair

As I said, it's nothing mad awesome, but we love it.  It is sweet and happy and inexpensive.  I hope this give you a little motivation to change something you don't like.  Go to Wal-Mart and get some spray paint!  If you like the shape of something, but not the color, that's easy peasy!  Oh, and don't buy the cheap spray paint.   Just an fyi.  Tight hugs, a

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