Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Wish List

What is it about spring time that always makes me want to revamp everything?  My wardrobe, my home, my hair, the list goes on. 

Thus, without further adieu, let the eye candy party pursue.

Love, love, love Sienna and her friggin amazing hair.  Middle part, color, length, layers...all of it.

This T-Shirt Rocks My Socks.  Love how she styled it!
From Here
Yet another t-shirt to style away with.
From Here

From Here
Love this bathroom.  I might finally paint the boys bathroom.  That is one tiny happy room.
From Here
A Hammock!  My last one had a fight with termites.  I look forward to purchasing another one to hopefully take weekend naps on or have chats with little men on.  It's hard to decide between the colorful ones or the classic white ones.  Decisions, decisions.

Hello Sweet Lover....I love these Birks and have worn out a pair.  These are "liquid gold"  which are not made anymore.  But I'm on the quest to find them!
Hip, hip, hooray for spring time!  I want to landscape our yard, but our dirt is HORRIBLE.  And in our back yard, we will need to have access to plumbing.  Thus, I think this might be an option.  Or I could beg and plea with Mr. N to get a tiller.  One can hope right?

Happy day to you my lovelies.  Hugs, a

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