Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Blissful Years

Ten years ago I married a cowboy, aka Mr. N.  I adore the above picture, because it reminds me so much of us.  Mr. N and I are opposites in every way...but the longer we are married, the more we seem to meld to one.  We both started off in very different places. Think, manly, hunter, republican, cowboy, deliberate, calculated marrying a democratic, tree-hugging, vegetarian, artsy-fartsy, flighty young lady.  But, as a couple, we created a new space for the two of us.  And boy-o-boy is it a nice place to be.  Precarious, precious, and hard sometimes, but worth it. 

Thank you for picking me to be your bride my love.  I adore you with all that I am and will ever hope to be.  Thank you for being my safe place, my rock, my best friend, and sweet lovely man.  Thank you for putting up with all my illogical, emotional, nutty-ness.  Thank you for not getting mad when I change something else or paint another item.  Thank you for loving me for my heart alone.  Thank you for the last ten amazing years.  It hasn't always been easy...thanks for never giving up on me or on us.  Thank you for picking our family above all else.  Thank you for leading me and our family in such a Godly way.  Thank you for being you and never giving into something you aren't. 

I look forward to the next fifty or so with you.  I love you honey.  a

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