Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scary Mommy

Sorry for my long hiatus.  Sometimes I just need a little break from coming up with witty, smart things to say.  Because let's be honest.  I'm not that smart or witty. 

At our house, there has been lots of little spray painting projects...so much so, that I asked Mr. N about painting his night stand, and he responded, "you just painted this, and this, and this.  Can you just stop for awhile?"  Yes honey.  I will take a break, just for you.  But not too long! 

Have you ever gone to a parent/teacher conference for a two year old.  It's pretty freaking funny.  Well, I was told it's time to potty train.  Let's just say, I don't have a good attitude.  Diapers are easy.  Pull ups are easy.  Sam walks over to me with his diaper in his hand and tells me when it's full.  He goes and gets another.  (Do you think it's time to potty train?  Ha Ha). 

Yes, yes...I know diapers are expensive.  But, do you know how much pee I have cleaned off our floor? How much extra laundry this causes?  We are on day three.  Sticking to something has never been my strong suit, but I will persevere.  God bless Sam's school and Gigi (my mom).  They gave me the push.  Let's call it a shove actually.  Push is too gentle. 

Finally, I came across this website called Scary Mommy today.  I actually laughed out loud.  They have "Mommy confessions".  It will make you friggin roll on the ground.  I think I need to stick to these new brands of blog authors that are just raw and funny.  No one is perfect, especially me, and I need to be reminded that everyone isn't making dinners from scratch, decorating with endless budgets, kids with fabulous manners, etc, etc.  The list goes on.  I hope you enjoy it!  It made me lighten up!

Have a fabulous day, pray I'm not swimming in pee later.  Hugs, a


  1. Annie - you are cracking me up. LeGrand potty trained when he was 3 years, 3 months and 5 days old. How do I know? Because it was July 4, 1998, and he was born on March 31, 1995. Gordon had already moved to Longview, and I stayed in Richmond with the kids while the house was on the market, and the kids had a summer full of fun with their friends. So, LeGrand had no interest in potty training. I mean non at all. The synapses between the brain, bladder and penis did not function or fire at all! He also did not talk until he was 2 years and 6 weeks old. When the October issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine came out in September he announced, "Mommy, look at the beautiful jack o lantern". But i digress. I finally decided not to force the issue. Our first child was potty trained at 20 months - but who is comparing children? Not me! So, on the fourth of July I took him outside and told him how much fun it would be to pee on a tree. He proceeded to do just that and that very same evening he asked to go to bed without a pull-up. Never had an accident. The moral of the story? LeGrand is going to college and he learned to pee on a tree a 3 years, 3 months and 5 days. Don't sweat it!! You are the best! Keep the blogs coming. :)

    1. You are too funny! I didn't potty train Ben until he was 3 and a half! But everyone seems to think that Sam is ready! Boo. Thanks for your sweet encouragement. I've been thinking about not blogging anymore, so thank you my love! Yeah for LeGrand and college! Where did the time go? Hugs, a


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