Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's up Buttercup?

How are you my lovely?  I pray you are well.  Summer is almost here!  Yahoooo!  I'm ready to be a free agent!  Lots of swimming, sunscreen, running amuck.  You know, just drinking life in.  Me and bathing suits are not really friends just yet.  Maybe one day.  What have you been up to?  This is what we've been doing....

Listening to:

Pandora channel Harry Belafonte.  You know those semi-old romantic comedies usually starring Meg Ryan.  When they play that old-timey classic music that just makes you heart smile.  You never know the artist or name of the song, but you recognize it and it makes you feel full of joy.  That's this channel for me!  I rarely have to skip anything.  You will find Buddy Holly, IZ, the Beatles, Paul Simon, Bob Marley and of course Mr. Belafonte.  I hope you love it!


1. Jessica Alba's the Honest Life.  It's pretty great.  I like a lot of her suggestions and they aren't insanely outlandish.  Our household is trying a bunch of her "Honest" company products for Ben's eczema and general health.  So far so good!  They are resonable and delivered to your door.
2. Calmer Easier, Happier Parenting by Noel Janis-Norton. I know I've talked about it a little here, about working with my youngest, Sam.  I needed more "tools" in my parenting toolbox.  This book has really helped me.  It worked immediately.  I would highly recommend it for any parent. 

1. Painted bukoos of pots and Ben's Craigslist school desk

2. Created Ms. Minnie Pearl Art:

3. Ben decided he wanted his whole name on the wall.  So-voila!  We are going to add some white floating shelves so he has more spots to create his little vignettes and his mother will leave them be.

4. I painted an actual painting again for the first time in AGES.  Mr. N was used to my old style, so he has to ease into it.  Benno kept saying, "What is it supposed to be?" 
Don't you love the wine glass and makeup bag sitting there?
5. Distressed my own pants, I'm cheap and was bored.

6. Painting of fabric thanks to "A Beautiful Mess" for our bedroom.  I painted "His" and "hers" on Mr. N and I's pillow.  It just makes life easier.

That's pretty much it.  I'm working on our "Summer List" that I'm sure I'll share here.  I have a couple of other projects in the mix, that I will share later.  Hope your day is full of inspiration and hugs.  A

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