Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Hello There Mr. Summer

I haven't forgotten you my love.  Today is my last day of summer school,'s officially summer for me and my little family!!  Yahoooo!

The boys are done with school and we've already been swimming, ranching, and frolicking about.  Just to warn you, during the summer my posting falls off the earth.  I just don't really sit in front of the computer like I do during the school year.  I'm busy cleaning up little messes, preparing meals, building forts, applying sunscreen, and generally trying to squeeze all the mom-hood I can into two and half months possible.  I pray that you understand. 

I will share with you a part of our "summer list".  We did this last year, and Benno loved it!  Without further adieu and in no particular order:
1. Outdoor movie
2. Stadium Football
3. Aquarium in Dallas
4. Zoo
5. Sea World
6. Lego Land
7. Farm Visit
8. Hotel Trip to JW Marriot
9. Natural Bridge Cavern or caves
10. Baseball Game
11. Donuts for Dinner
12. Bookoos of Crafty projects
13. Living Room sleepover
14. Road trip to see Family
15. Outdoor scavenger hunt
16. Service Project
17. Boating, Biking, Camping
18. Art museum
19. Snocones and fireworks
20. Treat Tuesdays

etc, etc.   I'm sure we will add to it as needed.  I pray your summer is relaxing, restful, and rejuvenating in all the right ways.  I'll see you on the flip side.

Hugs, a

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