Monday, August 26, 2013

My First Grader

Check out Sam's face! 

I wrote down a few things this weekend that I wanted to remember forever.  That is one of the purposes of this blog.... so that I won't forget anything because my memory is horrific.  So pardon my ramblings...

Today is Saturday before you start the first grade.  I catch myself gazing at you.  At the deep blue of your eyes and the smells and sounds that you create.  I noticed that your feet are bigger than my hands.  When did that happen?  We've been up since 6ish and we have played hard with play-dough, created a store and police station, had a dance party and obstacle course, played with building blocks, and put every puzzle together twice.  Legos and building are your go-to toy of choice.  You don't lose anything and are very careful with your toys.

You will say, "Mom, come play with me" as you pull my leg to join your fun.
or "Mom LOOK!"  no, that didn't work "Look now!" "You missed it!  Look again!"
Sometimes I can feel my patience wane, but I push on to just be in the moment with you.  

I understand these times are but a instant.  I know that you won't always want to be with me, but for now you do.  I try to always stop what I'm doing to join in.  But, sometimes it's hard.

You are precious and sweet and currently in your undies.  Movie night is on and you and your bro are pilled high on the sofa with Minnie Pearl. You had ravioli and bananas, popcorn with peanut butter M&Ms and a green smoothie. You have on a t-rex, mint green shirt and striped tighty whiteys.  I'm unsure when you last brushed your teeth.  

Your bro is your bestie which I love.

What I'm struck with most, is your thoughtfulness.  You wanted me to come sit in your room while your brother napped.  You set up all my favorite toys so I would want to just be with you.  I almost cried.  There was my favorite erasers, lego guys, and squinkies all set up with such care, just for me to sit there by you.  You made space for my drink. 

You are my tender hearted, intuitive, loving, all inclusive little man whom I adore.  

I can't believe you are officially a first grader today.  Mr. N dropped you off so I wouldn't cry like the baby that I am.  Your dad and I prayed over you last night longer than normal.  I cried some more when I realized that I can't protect you every second of every day.  

For you are not mine to keep.  
I must let you off to fly.  But, man, it's tough.  I adore you my lovely.

Tight hugs, and juicy long kisses, mom

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