Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Update Part Two

Good morning my sweet!  Here are more photo dumps for you to catch you up quick!  We released Myrtle the turtle.  It was pretty hard for sweet Benno.  It took longer than one would think.  He kept swimming and recapturing her.  

The boys enjoyed lots of swimming, vacation bible school, pine cove camp, zoos, aquariums, museums, and just hanging out in our pjs.  Sam has established that he can fall asleep anywhere, usually with food in hand.  Ben now only takes a picture with his mouth open and I scored a new headband at Sonic.  Can anyone foresee my Halloween costume?  We think Minnie Pearl will be Wonderdog, while I'm Wonderwoman.  Whenever we wrestle now, Ben requires my headband so I have more power, not that of a "measly human."  

Enjoy your last little bit of summer!   It's almost over.  Bummer. 

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