Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Farts and Kids

We had a pretty rad three day weekend.    I didn't commit to a darn thing.  Which is fantastic!  There was lots of no pant wearing, dirt playing, water fights, smurf villages created, hoola hooping, balloon blowing, cartoon watching, movie nights, no bathing, chocolate milk drinking going on in our little home.

On my running "to-do" list in my creative little noggin, I had been wanting to make the boys a new tee-pee.  You know, a more modern, light and airy one. After much deliberation on pinterest, I found a list of easy directions.  Let's just say, mine is not "pin" worthy.  Mr. N walked in and said "Come on, Annie.  We are better than that."  Then declared a a "tee-pee off."  So, I did a crappy job.  I followed directions and everything.  He thinks (and I know) he could make one hell-off-a tee-pee. I immediately conceded.  I didn't stand a chance.    

Minnie loved it though!  Picture this.  Sam and Ben being all set up in there, with their pillows just so, little guys in there to keep them comfy.  A spot for Sam, Ben, Minnie and I.  They were so thrilled that we all fit just so.  That is until Ms. Minnie Pearl let a silent, but VERY deadly fart come out.  We couldn't get out of that stinky tee-pee fast enough.  We were all rolling in laughter.  Why are farts always funny I ask?  

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