Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Raising Godly Kiddos

Good Morning my lovelies! I pray you had a fantastic Monday!  I've been thinking on this lately....how do you raise your kids to be prepared for this world, but not be OF this world.  Here is part of my strategy.

I love these flashcards below.  I put the link there.  They are free and you can print them on card-stock   With Benno, we just learn the verse for now, not where in the bible it is. That might be a cop out, but, it's just easier for a six year old. I like that he knows his ABCs and it goes right with that.  

In addition, it's super helpful, when something is happening that needs attention, I can through out a verse that he knows and make it applicable to real life.  Also, when he understands it's not just be being a "mean mom", but that what I'm correcting him about is biblicaly based, it's seems to have more meat on my words.  Like I have the big "J.C." behind me.  

I'm about to purchase this book, via amazon, for our nightly readings.  I'm stoked to branch out with him, so broaden his understanding.  It might be a bit advanced for him, but I think he can handle it.  I will let you know!

Ben will not rest at night until I pray over him.  And for some odd reason, it has to be me.  This is ultimate.  I try my hardest to really pour it all into him.  Sometimes, there is a little Sam yelling from the other room, so it's cut short.  But, it's a chance daily, for me to bless him, ask for forgiveness, and let Benno know how he is loved.  When you pray over your kids, I say let it flow.  If you want to express that you messed up that day being a mom, say it.  I feel like it helps Ben know that I need grace just as much as he does.  

And finally, and possibly, the most important...is to just love.  Love with all that you are. Love on anybody. Love on people that aren't like you.  Love on people that aren't christian.  Just love.

Your example will be stronger than your words for your children
Love is directly from God. 

I go for the easy ones first, like clothing and feeding people.  Which is ironic, because I'm not a great cook!  But, nonetheless, I like to feed people.  And hug people.  Anyone. Hug them tight like it's your job.

I am by no means an expert, but this is what is working for our family today.  Hope your day is full of blessing after blessing!  Hugs, a

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  1. I always love your posts! We have the Jesus Calling devotional for our kids and it is great! We also have the Jesus Calling kids Bible and Grace loves repeating the verses they assign to each story.


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