Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reading Material

What are you reading these days?  Anything amazingly great?  I would love to hear about your favorite book!
Stiff: It's absolutely nuts.  A co-worker gave it to me because I used to teach Anatomy and I like gross things.  It's really interesting and pretty crazy information.  Worth a read if you aren't squeamish.

Everyday Church: We are reading this prior to going to Guatemala this year.  I'm only in chapter 2, but it's a ton of interesting information if you are a christian.

Calmer, Easier, Happier, Parenting: I CAN NOT say enough about this book.  It's super useful and amazing.   I haven't even read the entire thing, but what I have read has helped me as a parent.  The first chapter, you will be like, "Yeah right Annie."  It's about detailed compliments.  It totally works!

Blogs that have my attention: 
From Hunted Interior. She does some amazing things and I like her taste. 

From: Housetweaking, this lady ROCKS MY SOCKS!  She's a mother of three and I love all her aesthetics.  She does things inexpensively mixed with diy items.  Always a winner in my book. 

From Damsel in Dior, she has really high end taste, but I like her mix and you-tube videos.  

If you have any fantastic books that you are diggin, share the wealth!  Hugs, a

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