Friday, September 13, 2013

Top Ten Movie Night

It's Friday!  Yahoooo!  We are of course having a proper family movie night at our house!

This is what it takes at my house:

1. Comfy clothes, and no pants for kiddos, no shoes
2. Sofa pulled out to full bed mode, for more lounging pleasures.
3. There is a major discussion of who's movie pic it is.  Straws are sometimes drawn.
4. Lots and lots of very soft cozy blankets and lovies.  Minnie is right there.
5. Popcorn and treats, usually M&Ms mixed in to hot popcorn, in cute containers!
6. Pizza in any form.  Sometimes its fancy delivery, or frozen.  Just depends on the night. Tonight I'm making individual pizzas from tortillas that I saw on pinterest.  We will see how successful I am.
7. Absolutely no bath.
8. Absolutely no homework or studies are to be done.
9. Mama makes an early cocktail
10. Pure bliss by my little tikes is amazing.  They look forward to it every single  Friday.  The only draw back is now, getting them fired up to change over to high-school football.

I pray your weekend is grand.  Do you have any fabulous plans?  Hugs, a

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