Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ahhhhhh October

How I missed you sweet October!  You are my very, very favorite!  I don't know if it's because in October you get the first glimpse of fall, or the fact that I adore Halloween.  Or that I love all things warm related....I love Thanksgiving and Christmas as well, and October is like the start of all that is awesome!   Here are some of my top ten faves:

1. Honey crisp apples.  They are what an apple should be.  They are amazingly delish and remind me of being pregnant with Benno because I was addicted.  It wasn't past me to spend 10 bucks on apples. 
2. Pumpkin Spice Creamer (I found out how many calories are in PSL at Starbucks....400!  That's like a meal and cocktail!  Holy friggin crap.  Thus, I will settle for a little creamer instead.  It's happiness in a cup.)
3. Apple Spice or pumpkiny candles.  (Yes, pumpkiny is a word.)  Any of those candles that make my house smell like fall time.
4. Making chilli, black bean soup, or any other warm concoction.  Layer in some cheese and fritos.  It makes my heart happy.
5. Being able to wear tall boots and lots of layers, scarves, etc.  It's like wearing your favorite childhood blanket all day long.  Happy, happy, Joy, joy.  And, it covers all that cushion that the cheese and fritos have added to my midsection.  
6. That it gets dark when my kids are actually going to bed!  Praise God!  No more conversations about it still being light outside.
7. That football is always on...and that means Mr. N is HAPPY.
8. Fall time always reminds me of my childhood.  Of coming home to yummy smells, going for walks to find leaves with my sweet mum, and the smell of new school supplies.  But living in Texas means you don't feel "fall-time" until October. 
9. That I no longer have to get into a bathing suit. Can I hear an AMEN?
10. Driving with the windows down and having windows open at home.  I love the feel of cool, crisp wind on my face, flowing through my home.  Cleaning out the junk.  Ohhhh, Autumn how I adore thee. 

Happy day to you and yours my lovelies.  I pray it's a great one.  a

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