Thursday, October 3, 2013

Live Like That

Yesterday was a day heavy with the burdens of others hurt and sad hearts.  As I was driving into work this morning...I was jamming out to "Top Christian" on Pandora.  (Because I stink.  KLOVE is having their pledge drive and I don't want to feel guilty about not donating yet.)  This song came up, which I've heard a million times.  But today, as I'm putting my makeup on driving, I began to cry.  Cry a lot.   Mascara that I just applied is now running.
As the tears are rolling down my cheeks, 
I can only be filled with the glory.  
I was full again.  
Ready to pour it all out. 

Thank you for this day. I'm grateful for my health, my babies health, that I can pay my bills, that I have clean water to drink and had a warm shower this morning. Thank you Jesus for Mr. N. He is my rock and bestie. Thank you for a working car. It makes everything in this world do much easier. Thank you for the ability to get healthy food for my family and not worry about paying for it. Thank you for health care, Motrin to bring fevers down, and modern medicine. Thank you for my family, my childhood, and my parents.

Thank you for giving me my crazy huge heart and the ability to manage it. Thank you refilling my soul. I am nothing without you my love. Every single day I want to pour out all of what is in my to others, so that when I am at your beautiful feet I can say I have nothing left to give. Thank you for letting your light shine through me to others, so they can see your glory and know that you are so very good, especially when all they see in this world is ugly.

 Today let's will try to be Jesus to the least of us. Be the evidence that He is good.  Don't hold back.

 Balls to the walls people. Let's get it on.

 {PS: After the song was over, and if you know me, you will probably find this funny too, all I could say was "Sh**".  Like, holy crap that was rad.  Yep, that's right.  I love Jesus and cuss like a sailor.  I started laughing, because that's just friggin funny stuff that you can't make up.}

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