Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back in the Saddle again

Well, well, well....there you are. I'm back, but only partially. And to be transparent about it, I'm a little nervous. I stopped blogging because I felt like I had to produce quality posts all the dang time. And truth be told, every day I didn't have something witty or profound to say. Some weeks I didn't either. Hence the break. I discovered though, that the pressure I felt…was put on by myself, and no one else.

Over the Christmas break I was taking the trash out and thought….It’s time. It’s time to write again. When I do, I process my thoughts, feelings, and sort it all out in my nutty head. Once I get it all down, it’s seems that the Spirit just flows on through me easier. I’m lighter you might say. Clearer.

So I’m back.

Since my absence in the blog, our little family has have moved, gone to Guatemala, thrown a killer Lego birthday party, and acquired a lizard, named Zippy, only let it go. Ben just turned seven and I can’t let that moment pass without documenting it for the sweet child of mine, so he can read it in the years to come if he chooses.

Here are my 2014 Proposed Goals:
1. To not feel pressure to post every day or even every week. Will only post if I have something to say or share.
2. To eat cleaner. Less processed crapola for me and my family. No more hot lime cheetos everyday.
3. Invest in cooking. Invest in quality organic ingredients for my family.
4. Invest in my body. Move more and push myself past my comfort zone.
5. Say no more. And not feel guilty about it.
6. Make time for the important stuff. For example, just watching my dudes ride bikes, or sitting with Mr. N
7. Be in the moment.  Whatever it may be....just full on in it.  If it's freak outs by little men or lovely moments with hugs and kisses, I just want to savor and milk everyday for what it is.....a blessing.

Happy New Year my sweet readers if you still out there.  Thank you for your patience with me.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  I pray your day is full of joy and blessings....

Tight hugs as always, a

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