Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The other day, we let Zippy, a green anole, go back into our back yard. Well, sweet Benno was sobbing because Zippy’s poor tail came off on accident. It was kind of crusty and yucky and Ben just couldn’t accept that poor Zippy needed to live outside instead of on his dresser in tupperware. My first instinct was to say, “It’s okay honey, do you want to play on my iPad?”

I paused myself.

It is important to just be in that moment. Be uncomfortable. Don’t mask it with something else, like technology (or shopping, or pinterest, the list goes on). How often do I just cover up? So instead we just sat there together, him crying and whimpering, on my bed together. I wiped his hot, big tears and held him. The storm passed and he went back to Legos.

I’m not one to be uncomfy or to let my kids be uncomfy, but this was a lesson for me that stuck to my very bones. Then, the harder question is how do we raise resilient children? To be able to roll with the punches? But not discredit their feelings? I want my kids to be able to acknowledge, name the feelings, and learn to work through them. To problem solve if you will. The even trickier part is that this is difficult as an adult…what does the kid version look like??

It’s a hard job being a mom. Holy crap. That grey area sure is rough.

If any of my sweet readers have great advice, I’m all ears! Happy Wednesday to you my lovely. Hugs, a

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  1. You're an amazing mom, A.... and that quote "Wherever you are, be all there" has been on the background of my phone since before I can remember :) great reminder!


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