Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Freak Out 2014

For our Spring break, I packed up the good-old-Honda with two little men and Minnie Pearl and headed east bound, to my hometown. Within 30 miles of San Antonio, Sam puked everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I had created these cool boxes filled with road-trip goodies for my boys to keep them entertained for the six hour drive. Well, Sam puked in that box. Yes. Gross. Then, to top it off, in efforts to clean him up, I put the box on my console for safe keeping (I thought). It slipped and landed on Minnie...who now has puke on her and her faux lambswool rug that she rests on. Well just awesome. Directly after puking, Sam feel asleep. Which if you have a rambunctious three year old you know that they do NOT fall asleep randomly at 8:30 in the morning! Thus, I pulled over again to check on him.

Upon arriving in Longview, Sam was lethargic and I took him to a clinic. No strep, only a virus.

Once getting past all that...the trip was just grand. We had two Easter egg hunts, rode bikes, made fires, built Lego's, watched movies, went for boat rides, played with turtles, ate Pizza King, and just generally soaked in Gigi and Poppy.

To top the trip off we went to a carnival in town. I'm a sucker for a carnival. The pics pretty much say it all. Except for the cotton candy deliciousness that my boys inhale.

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