Friday, April 11, 2014

Photodump Friday

This week was full. Full of soccer practices, tutoring, puddle jumping, bike riding, and just generally drinking life in. Our Benno was nominated as the student to receive the "Pillar of Caring." Oh how my heart is proud of this man! I might be totally biased, but he is one loving, caring little seven year old.

I'm actively trying hard to have "Less Hustle, More Love." Even though we have something after school most days....instead of running around like a chicken, I'm letting more stuff go. Laundry is more piled up, and fewer awesome meals were cooked. I'm okay with that. We aren't going hungry and still have clean underwear.

Have a beautiful weekend...we are headed to a huge neighborhood garage sale. Movie night is on in a few hours! Adult beverages here I come!

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