Monday, April 14, 2014

Thank you

Thank you.

Thank you for showing up today. I am humbled that the Holy Spirit regularly shows up for me through the writing process and that you chose to read it. Holy smokes. Thank you for taking the extra step to read it. I truly appreciate it. Thank you for reading the ramblings my brain and how God is working on me. When I started this space, it was to promote and sell my jewelry. It has obviously morphed into an entirely different animal. I’m about to close out all stores, etsy, and have a final liquidation sale. In my efforts towards “Less Hustle, More Love” jewelry just doesn’t fit in that equation for me.

An elder at our church that I immensely respect asked me this yesterday “Does your blog minister to your ministry?” That really got my little wheels a turning.

What is my ministry? Ah crap.

My broken down students was my first thought. How am I serving them in this space? I’m not.

But as I spoke with my sweet mum and friend, they informed me that numerous non-believers, people of various religions and walks read this. Ya’ll that’s straight up nuts to me. Thank you. Thank you for being open to what God has planned for you. Thank you for letting me be some sort of vessel for you.

I want to yell it from the top of the highest building how much God loves every.single.person. And, that’s what this space is for me. To reach someone in the privacy of their computer, or home and tell them how loved they are and that you aren’t alone. Ever. God can handle all of it. You are never too much. You are never to ugly inside. He can carry it. All that crap you did…you know the stuff….the stuff you never told anyone…your super ugly stuff-guess what?? God loves you anyway. That’s straight up rad guys.

I used to fear that I was too much. Too much emotion. Too much rawness. Too much crazy. God loves it and uses it. All of it. He uses my dirty mouth. He uses my past mistakes. He uses all my messiness for HIS Kingdom. That’s legit and you can bank on it.

So, thank you for sticking with me. Thanks for joining me in my weirdness. I love you for it.

P.S. I didn’t know until this morning, but that’s how God works, but I’m open to sharing this space with you dear readers. Do you want to write and share? Feel free to message me and we can chat. Hugs, a

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  1. Annie, Although I am sad you will not be providing the world with gorgeous jewelry any longer, I am excited about this new phase of your life. This year I have been dwelling on the word "half". Eat half of what I would like, spend half as much time on the computer, get the drift. I love you dearly and I am so impressed by your willingness to adapt to God's calling. M


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