Monday, May 5, 2014

Taking Inventory

Making: lots of legos. I’ve been announced the queen.
Cooking: cleaner and cleaner
Drinking: too much coffee and green smoothies
Reading: Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist
Wanting: a hammock and new Birkenstocks for the summer
Looking: at paint colors for a new home
Playing: Battleship and memory
Wasting: time watching breaking bad or on pinterest
Wishing: I could stop time with my dudes
Enjoying: gin and tonics in the late evenings
Waiting: to close on a home and get this party started!
Liking: that summer is almost here. No more school!
Wondering: if I will be able to get a sold out ticket to next years Hope Spoken conference.
Loving: all things gold
Hoping: that my large fever blister will go away shortly.
Marveling: in the fact of how blessed I am
Needing: to figure out the next few months out in my family’s schedule
Smelling: my coffee with amaretto creamer
Wearing: White pants and a grey tee
Following: lots of new people on instagram and getting motivated
Noticing: Spring is everywhere, and summer is on the cusp.
Knowing: That God is so very good to me
Thinking: I should probably exercise more and join a gym.
Feeling: Good today. Like I can conquer the world!
Bookmarking: kitchen redo ideas
Opening: Lots of amazon packages-mama got paid and books are arriving!
Giggling: At Mr. Underpants Man in our house.

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